Mrs. Biggest Dream
Wednesday, 22 June 2016 • 03:44 • 0 comments
hye.. i hope you were fine there.. you must know that aker.. i here write something for you coz i missed you so much.. i hope you read this.. this time i was 4 time dream of you when i am sleep.. if i getting back to you..did you want accept me..?? i don't know..its about to crazy when i can't accept live without you.. how are you?? :'( did you feeling well just now?? seriously.. nobody knew about this.. i can;t give anybody read this except you keer.. where are you just nw..?? i am so worried about you.. almost 5 month we didn't see each other or contact.. i just can see you in my dream.. i don't know why i dream about you.. like seriously.. i miss you so much.. i can't accept all of this..

i am always remember about you.. i am always remind your face.. i am always see your picture.. i am always remembered about memories that we create together.. pleasee... come back to me.. i need you in my life...

BUT.. if you already taken by someone.. just let me go especially my soul.. please.. i hope you understand.. i need faith.. i need still in my side.. you know that??

i am feeling about to cry.. what happen just now?? its too much..its tough !! its very difficult..

the conclusion is i can't live without you.. i want you like first we meet like i am in know about you.. without any GIRLS..

biyy.. i miss you :'(



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