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Tuesday, 24 May 2016 • 01:13 • 0 comments
Hai.. I was fine here.. I just wanna tell that i am feel suffer now.. Many thing i've think about it especially myself.. I don't know what happen in my life.. I wish my whole life getting get better and happier.. I hate him.. I want my parents get me someone to me mean married.. I don't want this anymore.. Its so stress and always give me a heavy pressure.. But.. I want ask myself.. Why my heart very kindess to other people?? I dont have this answer just now.. I dont know even can i translate myself as good girl.. Hmmm maybe.. Bad girl.. But, i never admit myself as a good girl.. Because a many sin i do it in this life.. I know i do something mistake to my old frieds which birth on march 31.. I am very sorry.. I am regret.. But i know i never getting back together like ever.. 

Sometimes, i wanna go out from malaysia.. I dont want to see everything around surrounding of me.. I want alone and take some fresh air.. While looking a bird flying in the sky.. 

For your information.. Me as a bad girls can cooking, wash some clothes, tidy up the room.. And can clean the house.. All this.. Perhaps.. Just now.. I want to sleep n feel hungry.. I feel want to sleep.. 

Lastly, i wish i am wanna alone from anybody.. I want find peacefully and happiness.. I want relaxing.. I will be continue to the next free day already.. Good bye..


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